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We are Tom Newton and Sonja Claydon and our small business is based in the very far north of Scotland.  


From our studio in the beautiful Scottish Highlands we design and handcraft very unusual, original and elegant leather jewellery, leather bowls and other decorative leather items in vibrant colours.  Our work is created entirely by hand without the use of any machines or moulds.



some initial drawings of our designs


 We are always striving to improve our existing designs and develop new ideas and are happy to say that our work has been consistently well received at high end craft events by new and return customers alike.



 Leather 8 petal Flower


To achieve our beautiful colours we only work with red, blue and yellow leather dye and by mixing those we get our exceptional shades.

  Basic materials


 In addition to using leather dyes, all our work is leather top coated which makes the items water repellent.  

Our designs are perfectly safe to wear out in the rain.

Please look at our Product information page for further details.





Because all our designs are completely hand crafted no two items can ever be the same which makes each piece unique.


 Leather Dragonflies


Over the years, many of our customers have bought our work to give as special presents to friends or family.  To our delight a great number of those customers told us later how well their gift had been received.


 Leather Bowl


We take the inspiration for all our work from nature and the many encouraging comments we have received.


Leather Hair Accessory

Please e-mail or phone us with any comments or queries

e-mail: mail.justus@gmail.com

 tel.: 0044 (0)1847 896100

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